20-20 phone Card

One of the Canada's oldest and most popular calling cards. Network Service is provided by Canada's largest and most reliable calling card service provider - Group of GoldLIne (same as for Gold and CiCi calling card). 20/20 card delivers all posted minutes, please note however, that calls are billed in blocks of 4 minutes (1-minute call is billed as 4 minute, 4, 8, 12, etc... minute calling time increment thereafter). We recommend using the full balance of your card within one day after first use (59¢ fee deducted from the remaining balance daily. 20-20 is available in $5 and $10 denominations. You may purchase 2020 calling card online at Ontario Phone Cards as well directly at this website.


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 Card Value QTY  
$3.00 20/20 phone card
$3.00 CAD
$5.00 20/20 phone card
$5.00 CAD
$10.00 20/20 phone card
$10.00 CAD

20/20 Calling Card Access Numbers:

City Number   City Number
Toronto 416-915-3347   Barrie 705-792-2060
Belleville 613-968-1982   Brantford 519-758-3540
Chatham 519-355-2386   Cornwall 613-936-4316
Guelph 519-341-1012   Hamilton 905-296-0520
Kingston 613-541-5075   Kitchener 519-342-9347
London 519-936-9021   Newmarket
Niagara Falls 905-353-5780   North Bay
Oshawa 905-448-2091   Ottawa 613-321-2557
Peterborough 705-749-6070   Sarnia
Sault St. Marie
705-256-0766   St.Catherines 905-228-2208
705-525-7326   Thunder Bay 807-624-4583
Windsor 519-973-6360   St. Johns
Montreal 514-223-9561   Quebec City 418-210-1122
Halifax 902-442-3582   Calgary 403-313-8206
Edmonton 780-665-0771   Winnipeg 204-975-1252
604-557-5114   Nanaimo
Vancouver 604-676-6653   Victoria 250-361-2112
Rest of Ontario 1-866-233-0738
No Extra Charge
  Rest of B.C.
No Extra Charge
Rest of Quebec 1-866-660-5073
No Extra Charge
No Extra Charge
      Rest of Canada 
+8¢/min extra
Customer Service:
Toronto 416-849-9344   Other locations 1-866-486-4775

20-20 calling card is best used for calls from anywhere in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta. Toll free access numbers could be used from these provinces without extra charge (you will get the same rate as with any local access number). "Rest of Canada" toll free access number has an 8¢ / min surcharge.


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